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Geiger Manufacturing is a full service production machine shop.

If you need a machine shop, whether you need a custom fabrication job, a shaft straightened, or anything in between, Geiger Manufacturing can help. Our machine shop has the materials, tools, and our people have the skills to do the job right

Our machine shop has over 20 employees, each one averaging over 15 years of employment with the company. 

Our machine shop is able to offer outstanding specialized services in the way of quality, reliability and pride in workmanship. 

Large Job?  No problem!  Geiger's machine shop has the equipment and expertise to handle almost any size job.

We are fabrication specialists, providing customer with parts manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, nickel alloys, and many other specialty metals. We do it all, from providing simple fabricated components to completely assembled weldments. 

Outside processes such as heat treating, passivation, or plating can also be provided as necessary. 

Material and process certifications can be supplied for any item our machine shop  manufactures. 

Our  CNC mill, can accommodate parts up to 60 x 40 inches. 

The largest of our lathes is capable of turning material up to 60 inches in diameter and as long as 14 feet between centers. 


  • General Machine Shop Work 

  • Industrial Equipment Repairs

  • Industrial Fabrication

  • C.N.C. Milling

  • Portable Welding Services

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Welding - All Types - Mig, Tig, 
    Stick, Wire, Gas

  • Tracer lathe work
  • On-site repairs at your facility
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Farm Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Metal Spray Shafts
  • Metric Threading
  • Large Pump Repair

Geiger Manufacturing
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