Geiger Manufacturing is a full service production machine shop.  
  Areas Largest Job Shop    Structural Steel License No. 586688  
  Ph. (209) 464-7746  Fax (209) 464-7746  
   1110 E. Scotts Ave, Stockton, CA  95205  
  If you need a machine shop, whether you need a custom fabrication job, a shaft straightened, or anything in between,
Geiger Manufacturing can help. Our machine shop has the materials, tools, and our people have the skills to do the job right.

Our machine shop has over 20 employees, each one averaging over 15 years of employment with the company. 

Our machine shop is able to offer outstanding specialized services in the way of quality, reliability and pride in workmanship. 

Large Job?  No problem!  Geiger's machine shop has the equipment and expertise to handle almost any size job.

We are fabrication specialists, providing customer with parts manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum,
nickel alloys, and many other specialty metals. We do it all, from providing simple fabricated components to completely
assembled weldments. 

Outside processes such as heat treating, passivation, or plating can also be provided as necessary. 

Material and process certifications can be supplied for any item our machine shop  manufactures. 

Our  CNC mill, can accommodate parts up to 60 x 40 inches. 

The largest of our lathes is capable of turning material up to 60 inches in diameter and as long as 14 feet between centers.   


  • General Machine Shop Work 

  • Industrial Equipment Repairs

  • Industrial Fabrication

  • C.N.C. Milling

  • Portable Welding Services

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Welding - All Types - Mig, Tig, 
    Stick, Wire, Gas

  • Tracer lathe work
  • On-site repairs at your facility
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Farm Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Metal Spray Shafts
  • Metric Threading
  • Large Pump Repair




Geiger Manufacturing can provide you with superb quality boring that is always precise.

When we bore your equipment, it is with high quality machinery that is accurate and will
not leave imperfections causing you problems in the future. 

We have the necessary tools to perform:

Vertical boring
Horizontal boring 
Line boring 


Equipment List

LeBlond Regal Lathe


Copy Rite Tracing Unit
    Model CR-3


Econo Masters Lathe
    18" x 84CC


Tarnow Lathe
    22" x 96CC


Axelson Lathe
    16" x 10" bed


Monarch Lathe
    18" x 72" size hardened ways
    20-1/2" (over ways) x 78" between centers (19" over ways)


LeBlond Regal Lathe
    19" x 78" centers (10' 3" bed)
    Actual swing 19-1/4" over ways x 78" centers


Solberga Drill Press
    #se 7 floor type #3 M.T. spindle
    120 -1400 R.P.M.


Nichols Milling Machine
    Working surface 6-3/4" x 30"
    Special 30" table with 19" travel, transverse travel 7"
    4-1/2" rise and fall of spindle


Cincinnati #2 MH Plain Horizontal Milling Machine
    Table size 52-3/4" x 10-1/2"
    28" longitudinal travel 10" cross travel, 19" vertical travel
    19-3/4" center of spindle to top of table
    24" between column and braces


Ex-cello-0 #602 Milling Machine
    9" x 42" table
    Digital Readout
    Webb Vertical Mill   9" x 42" table


Milwaukee  #2 Verticle Milling Machine
    56-1/2" x 12" Working Surface
    Maximum distance spindle nose to top of table 19"
    Center line of Spindle to column 14"
    28" of longitudinal power feed,  12" cross feed, 14" vertical feed


Milwaukee #3 H Universal Milling Machine
    64" x 13-1/2" working surface and table
    17" center line of spindle to table
    26-7/16" column to overarm support
    34" longitudinal power feed,  17" vertical power feed
    Power rapid traverse 150"/m horizontal,  75"/m vertical


Milwaukee #2 H Plain Horizontal Milling Machine
    50" x 10" working surface and table
    17-1/4" maximum distance center line of spindle to top of table
    21-1/4" face of column travel, 10" power cross travel


Norton Cylindrical Grinder
    10" x 42" centers capacity for external grinding
    18" diameter wheel


Thompson Surface Grinder
    Model B - 10" x 12" x 24"


DoAll 6 x 12 Surface Grinder


Gould & Eberhardt Shaper
    28" stroke 18" capacity under tool to table 


#1 Baker Keyseater
    12" stroke x 1-1/2" wide capacity cutter
    (2-1/2" bar on 1-1/2" cutter)


Do All Band Saw
    16" capacity column to saw
    24" x 24" table
    Power feed


W.F. Wells
    Model F-15 series horizontal band saw


Carlton 13" column x 5' Arm Radial Drill Press #3 A
    5' 11" Maximum spindle radius
    Drills center 10' circle
    5' maximum spindle to base
    18" vertical travel spindle in head
    24" x 30" plain box table


    24" upright drill press
    Round table 11-1/2" from center of spindle to column face
    11-1/8" spindle travel


Lucas #42 Horizontal Boring Mill
    No. 442 Lucas Horizontal Boring, Drilling and Milling Machine
    4" spindle with 30" feed and 18 speeds, 9-255 R.P.M.
    40" x 60" table 48" crossfeed
    Special length bed to take 10' extra high pattern column and brackrest,
    giving 50" vertical capacity
    Digital readout

Newark 72" Automatic Gear Cutting Machine
    72" diameter capacity x 18" face


Axelson 20" Swing (raised 3") Lathe x 163" Centers
    18' bed
    Swing 29-5/8" over ways
    20-3/4" over cross slide


Boye & Emmes Lathe
    32" swing, geared head, (raised 4") x 110" between centers
    40" actual sieng over ways  30" over carriage
    16' bed


King 72" Vertical Boring Mill
    72" swing, 60 maximum under rail
    Maximum effective ram travel 50"


Webster & Bennet 60" Boring Mill


Giddings & Lewis 350T Horizontal Boring Mill
    72" x 48" table
    5" spindle, 62" table travel center, (50" head travel)
    58" saddle travel
    Digital Readout


Liberty Stroke Openside Planer
    42" x 48" x 20'
    51" under rail


Cincinnati Hydro Planer Openside
    48" x 48" x 16'


Cleveland Openside Planer
    42" x 48" x 18"


200 Ton Horizontal Wheel Press
    6' between rails
    20' to back support of rails


100 Ton Vertical Straightening Press
    30" between housings
    28" under ram to bed of press


Manley 80 Ton Vertical Forcing Press
    42" between rails x 48" from ram to bed


Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester


Magnaflux Portable Testing Unit


Cincinnati #2 Tool & Cutter Grinder



Whether your company crushes rock or pumps water, broken equipment can lead to downtime which translates to lost revenue. For more than 98 years, Geiger Manufacturing  has utilized current technology and proven methods, applying specialized skills and knowledge to keep your company running. And when you choose Geiger Manufacturing for your repairs, you know you are receiving the finest service available. 

Geiger Manufacturing has the experience, expertise, and equipment to help your company maintain top running machinery. All projects, large and small, are geared toward achieving the same goal: complete quality service you can rely on.

Steel Shredders 
Punch Presses 
Sorting Equipment 
Bearings (Bronze and Babbit) 
20 ton crane

Our machine shop has superior quality equipment including a vertical boring mill with 135" swing, horizontal boring mill 8' x 18', and a 20 ton crane. We offer you a full spectrum of repair options ranging from balers to bearings - all with the same careful attention to detail. Our new addition with a lathe that can swing 12 feet in diameter x 42 feet in length, and a 50 ton crane, gives us an even larger capacity to meet your needs. 

If you question whether we can repair your equipment, you are always welcome to contact us and we will assess your situation and provide you with a competitive estimate that meets your needs.


About Us

Located in Stockton California, Geiger Manufacturing has been serving the San Joaquin valley since 1904.

Geiger Manufacturing, Inc., formerly named Geiger Iron Works and Geiger, Inc., was established in 1904 and has been in continuous  operation since that time.  

The firm has always operated as both a jobbing shop for the repair and maintenance of heavy industrial equipment and as a manufacturer of special machinery built to the customer's specifications.

We have gained a nationwide reputation for the excellent work by our skilled experienced machinists.  

The size and variety of our machine tools allows Geiger's to handle large and difficult jobs.  The open floor space in the shops increase the efficiency in lay-out and assembly.